Presbytery AGM 19 November, 2019

Sydney Presbytery AGM Recap.

The meeting started with dinner and for a while there, you couldn’t tell it was a Presbytery Meeting. The vibe was something closer to a (rather large) social gathering among friends.

Following dinner, the Presbytery gathered for devotion. Vini led the liturgy – along with Rads and Tash who shared their musical gifts. This last meeting for the year was held in Glebe Hall at Sydney Presbytery Offices, which has wonderful acoustics. The singing could be heard out onto St Johns Rd!

As part of the devotion, Susan Cann was commissioned as a Pastor of the Uniting Church and it was real privilege to hear some of Susan’s discipleship story.

Annual Report 2018/19

Vini reflected on her second year as Chair and thanked the committed members of Sydney Presbytery “…who faithfully and continuously attempt to lead an authentic way of life that is God-shaped, Christ-centered, and Spirit-empowered.”

Vini presented the Annual Report to the Presbytery, remarking that the pages are full of images and stories of “…faithful people participating in mutual submission to the Gospel, which we hold so dear. Amongst our diversity of expressions, there is a unity to which we bear witness when we work together to fulfil our purpose in ‘Leading the Church to Life’ (which is our mission as a Presbytery) and ‘Thriving, well-resourced, missional churches’ (which is our passion).”

Vini also thanked the Committee members as well as the Presbytery Staff – highlighting that we are being called beyond our borders more and more to provide insight and assistance.

Anne Empson, the Presbytery Treasurer, spoke and lifted up the value that Ian Goff as Business Manager has provided to our Presbytery. Ian noted that there is a strong Balance Sheet, with a normalised loss of 11K. Ian was pleased to report excellent participation in Seeds of Growth and Presbytery Contributions.

Discussion of Presbytery Values and Culture.

Rev Graham Anson led a table group session reflecting on a document the PRC circulated with the Presbytery papers to do with the values and culture of our Presbytery. The discussion was full of life and some great feedback was noted.

The document in full will be made available via our new website, launching early in 2020.

Presbytery Meetings 2020 Model.

Vini then presented a refreshed model of Presbytery Meetings that will commence in 2020.

Vini explained that the Standing Committee and staff looked at the four meetings of the year and intentionally sharpened the focus of each.

1. The February 2020 meeting will be focused on Inspiration.

2. The May 2020 meeting will be focused on Formation.

3. The August meeting will be focused on our Purpose.

4. And finally, the November AGM will be focused on Evaluation.

Presentation of Ian Forest Jones for Ordination as Minister of Deacon.

Rev Jenny Ducker facilitated the session and Ian shared his experience of Discernment and Formation. Some questions were asked of Ian by members of the Presbytery.

Uniting Church Engagement Leader Update.

Tash Holmes facilitated this session – giving the Presbytery a snapshot of her work with numerous congregations. She invited Rev Radhika Sukumar-White, Rev Graeme Tutt and Rev Jason Kioa to give the Presbytery some insight into the mission of their respective congregations.

Tertiary Ministry Update.

Andrew McCloud, the newly appointed Tertiary Ministry Organiser for the Presbytery unpacked what is on the horizon for 2020 (of which there is much and more exciting stuff). An early highlight will be Retreat Yourself - a young adults getaway hosted by between Christian Student Unting and Pulse. In good organiser fashion, Andrew ended with three asked of the Presbytery – to pray for the ministry, to meet up with him for coffee (and get to know one another) and to think about how your congregation or organisation could collaborate with Christian Students Unting.