Tell Your MP You Support a Change in Drug Laws

Uniting's Advocacy Team is calling on your to help support proposed changes to drug laws in NSW.

The NSW Government is considering a proposal for a new system if people are found with small quantities of drugs.

It would be a 3 strikes diversion system (strike 1 = warning, strike 2 = fine, strike 3 = larger fine, strike 4 = court).

At strike 2 or 3, people will be able to avoid a fine by attending Alcohol and Other Drug (AOD) support.

The system would apply to all drugs and replace the current caution scheme that only applies to cannabis.

This proposal goes to Cabinet for a decision on 14 December so there isn’t a lot of time.

Please take 2 minutes and make a difference.

Email your MP here to tell them that their community supports this idea.

Want to learn more? Read NSW & ACT Synod Moderator, Simon Hansford Op Ed piece for The Guardian about why this new approach will save lives and greatly benefit regional communities. Read the piece, HERE.