Sydney Presbytery

Sydney Presbytery is the regional council of the Uniting Church (Synod of NSW & ACT), spanning from Bondi to Homebush, Sydney Harbour to the Cooks River.

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    So This is Easter

    Dear friends, We are on the precipice of the Holy Weekend. I am constantly taken by the fact that on the first “Easter,” Jesus rose from the dead and appeared to Mary then the disciples whether they were ready for it or not. He had told them, repeatedly, that this was going to happen. I wonder if this was in any of their minds on the Friday as Jesus was being crucified? Was there any sense for these followers who were the first to hear Jesus talk about rising from the dead that maybe he was speaking the truth? Just maybe this thing he talked about might happen? Was there a sense of awe and mystery? Of leaning forward in their seats to wait with bated breath just in case it could happen?
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    Tell Your MP You Support a Change in Drug Laws

    Uniting's Advocacy Team is calling on your to help support proposed changes to drug laws in NSW.
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