Sydney Presbytery

Sydney Presbytery is the regional council of the Uniting Church (Synod of NSW & ACT), spanning from Bondi to Homebush, Sydney Harbour to the Cooks River.

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    Feed Your Resilience - A Pastoral Note by Jenny

    Dear friends,  The past two weeks have drawn me to focus on a theme of resilience. I engaged in “extensive research” (a euphemism for “I Googled it!”) and learned that Psychology Today defines resilience as “that ineffable quality that allows some people to be knocked down by life and come back stronger than ever. Rather than letting failure overcome them and drain their resolve, they find a way to rise from the ashes.” The site goes on to summarise it like this: “In a nutshell, resilience can be defined as the ability — and tendency — to ‘bounce back.’”
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    Unprecedented Love - A Pastoral Note by Jenny

    Dear friends, I got to listen to someone tell a story the other day — a story about a childhood event. She had climbed up a ladder onto the roof of the house. She cannot remember if she had been tasked to clean the gutters, or what the purpose of this lofty trip was. She does recall finding herself stuck up on the roof, and not sure how to get down. Her sister, who had made it to the ground safely, went indoors to ask their parents for help, but received the gruff reply, “She’d better find her way down.” The child was ten or eleven.
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