Pastoral Relations Committee

The Pastoral Relations Committee (PRC) provides training, education, oversight, discipline, and pastoral care for Ministers and Congregations of Sydney Presbytery.

The current members of the Pastoral Relations Committee include:

Rev. Alimoni Taumoepeau (Chairperson)

Rev. Radhika Sukumar-White (Deputy Chairperson)

Rev. Lindsay Cullen

Rev. Valamotu Palu

Rev. Dr. Raymond Joso

Rev. Ken Day

Pastor Susan Russell

Rev. Joy Steele-Perkins

Rev. James Aaron

Rev. Vanessa Williams-Henke

Liuanga Palu - CALD Mission Officer (Staff)

Rev. Jenny Ducker - Pastoral Relations Minister (Staff)

Natalie Martignago - Pastoral Relations Assistant (Staff)

The PRC also has a series of Sub-Committees:

  • Consultations Sub-Committee: Rev. Ken Day
  • Ministry of Pastor Sub-Committee: Rev. Lindsay Cullen
  • ACOMP Sub-Committee: Rev. Jenny Ducker
  • Admission of Ministers Sub-Committee: Rev. James Aaron
  • Manse Suitability Sub-Committee: Rev. Vanessa Williams-Henke

For more information, please contact Natalie Martignago

To download the PRC Terms of Reference, please click HERE.